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Access Control

LA1CONNECT is one of the top Southwest premier electrical and communications construction, service, maintenance, and technology solutions contractors.


Residential & Commercial

Locally owned and operated for over three decades, we’ve delivered state-of-the-art electrical and technology services throughout Louisiana. Our team handles projects of all sizes, from residential jobs to heavy commercial builds.

We utilize progressive work delivery methodologies such as design-build to ensure optimal project quality, efficiency, and value. As a family-owned and operated company, we are proud to carry forward the LA1CONNECT legacy as a regional industry leader.

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Long Range Readers

Monitor Open Doors

Gate Entry

Besides controlling access within the building, LA1CONNECT offers ways to limit entry onto the business property. Using a gated entry system will deter unwanted visitors and can track employee activity.  Gates and electronic arms are perfect for businesses like apartment complexes or residential communities that prefer homeowners-only access.  LA1CONNECT can also install gate entry on residential properties.  Exterior access functions can be set up to be controlled by remote, keypad, telephone or intercom.

By working with Lafayette businesses for over 25 years, LA1CONNECT knows that every company can benefit by adding an access control system to their security plan.  Access systems are about more than just door security.  They provide the business owner with an easy-to-use and cost-effective method of tracking employee activity, reducing inventory shrinkage and protecting areas where confidentiality is crucial.  LA1CONNECT can work with your business to develop an access system that integrates with your alarm system for added security.