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So many options, so many answers. We take the guess work out of choosing the right system for you. Whether it’s a system with 2 incoming phone lines to a system with many lines, we take the complexity and hassle out of designing your phone system.



LA1CONNECT provides professional and clean installation of analog / IP cameras, DVR systems, and monitors. Our goal is to make life easy for the homeowner or small business owner.


Access Control

We provide a complete line of access devices including RF controls, card readers, keypads, electric and magnetic locks and a full line of complimentary products to meet your specific requirements.


Helpful Articles

Get the latest manuals on phone systems, and other important technical documentation. Our goal is to provide not only great on-site customer service but off-site by giving you access to the info you need on hand.


Choose the right phone system.


Service plans for both preventive and reactive maintenance


Certified to install, service, and maintain copper and fiber networks


Monitor your business with ease.


Keep your business or home on watch.


Access Control
Make sure the right people are getting in.

  • LA1CONNECT is the 1 and only 1 you will need for ALL of your business or residential needs!

    I manage a rather large, established and ever growing residential neighborhood. We had software and computer components that had become outdated and inefficient. We had a gate entry system that had served its’ time and then some. We also needed to acquire information regarding security cameras and options for installation.

    Eric and his amazing crew can handle every and anything from A to Z. It literally was as easy as making a call to Eric, informing him of our needs, and letting him and his team work their “magic.” The process was painless! We were able to continue functioning while all upgrades, installation, etc occurred. And if there were any kinks that had to be addressed, believe me, Eric and his team were there. They were not in another state or country! They were on site or available to dial in and assist in moments!

    So, my advice to you……make a connection with LA 1 CONNECT! You will not regret it! Local business serving your needs and ensuring your satisfaction! Amie, Le Triomphe Home Owners Association